Porta huts system

We are closely monitoring the situation and taking the necessary measures to continue normal business operations while maintaining employee safety. Click here to learn more. Western Shelter has supported life in the face of adverse conditions since We are dedicated to building the toughest shelters and field support systems on the market, and pride ourselves on providing safe and comfortable working environments for our customers around the globe.

The Western Shelter System has been proven to reliably support field applications that range from temporary housing camps, bases of operation, mobile field hospitals, and many more. In recent news, the media has reported a rise in outbreaks of infectious viruses across the globe. Western Shelter remains on standby to help assist in containing these contaminated areas as well as providing shelters to regions wanting to take preventative measures, for any future outbreaks, who could also be affected by these epidemics.

Deployments in late fall and throughout winter require extra precautions be taken to ensure that both staff and equipment operate efficiently and safely. Please let us know, so we can share. Western Shelter Mobility recently shipped off a new trailer to a customer. This custom designed 48 foot trailer will soon be completed in order to become a mobile dental clinic.

We partnered with another manufacturer to construct this trailer. It melds thoughtful design with functional aspects that come in handy no matter the size of the response. Throughout the last several weeks, our team has been monitoring Hurricane Dorian in the event the storm caused massive damage.

Unfortunately, that became the reality as the storm wreaked havoc on the Bahamas and in regions off the coast of the Carolinas. Summer operations often take place in locations with intense heat and baking sun. Operations in the fall run often experience the first of the rainy season. A few Western Shelters made their way to the Oregon State Capitol recently for a continuation exercise.

The Alps Hut System

The Oregon Judicial Department set these GateKeepers and trailer with boot connector up on the steps of the capitol, and ran mock court sessions inside the shelters. Throughout history, field medicine has served an important role in the military, disaster response, aid efforts, and more.

Shelter, Modula building

As technology has evolved, providing hospital level care while in remote regions has become a possibility. At Western Shelter, we create field hospitals that do their best to mimic the care you would find in any hospital around the globe.

The Disc-O Bed is a modular, lightweight bunk option for deployments looking to save space while maximizing comfort. These bunks fold up completely flat and assemble in minutes, providing sleeping space, storage space, and additional organization. This project was a full, turnkey U.

Training lasted several weeks and involved multiple steps. Shots of Western Shelters appeared in Hollywood once again. Warmer weather can bring tougher working conditions. Even slightly elevated temperatures can bring an increased risk of heat stroke, dehydration, exhaustion, and more. As hurricane season continues to approach, teams around the country continue their preparations. Our eastern U.The Google Earth Map below shows huts and suggested winter routes which is useful for trip planning and to get an overall view of the hut system's layout and proximity to major towns and roads.

These maps are provided with the help of CalTopoa powerful and easy-to-use mapping website which lets you customize layers, layout and scale of maps you print.

CalTopo provides and excellent tutorial on printing maps and other features at Caltopo Tutorials. Please Note: The pdf maps below are not intended to be full replacements for the 10th Mountain's official paper maps which are available at our Online Store. The pdf maps below are intended to provide enough information to aid navigation from the trailhead to the hut.

Trails are marked intermittently by blue diamonds, except in U. Forest Service designated Wilderness Areas where trails are marked by tree blazes or not marked at all.

Trailheads are not marked. These maps are not a substitute for good route-finding skills. These maps are an aid to help finding the routes. These are suggested routes only. Hazards exist in the backcountry, including avalanches. Common sense and good judgement can reduce but not elminate these hazards. Caltopo has an excellent tutorial on printing that we recommend you read before printing any of these maps. Google Maps Planning Map.

For Reservations Call: huts huts. Stay Connected Facebook Twitter Vimeo.Quick Cabin Read more. Quick Cabin. Tail Feather Read more. Tail Feather. Quick Cabin Tail Feather. We just got back from a ten day trip to the Redwoods and Oregon coast and we've got our summer travel plans to Washington state and Idaho booked! It's clever, clean, simple and like I said: brilliantly designed.

There are too many little details to mention which are all well thought-out. Very very smart. I'd like you to know that you've brought a nice thing into my life We love the flexibility and customization it provides us. Using an all aluminum trailer to pull the camper means we are towing only lbs and that includes gear for 4 people.

Portable Huts

Cooking and food prep with our two counters plus the sink is an absolute delight, as is sleeping and eating in the camper. Thanks Larry for your ingenious creation! With an engineering background, very little reference to the installation guide was sought.

It was a straightforward installation. Your company did a great design job. I think the concept is great. What I liked I loved the design, the fact that it can be put away and the simple assembly design. English French Spanish.The Alfred A.

The idea for a hut system in the Castle Creek Valley started with Stuart and Isabel Mace in the 's, who were living in Ashcroft at the time. They, with the help of volunteers, served as the huts stewards. The hut system is named after the late Fred Braun, hut manager for over twenty years and founder of Mountain Rescue Aspen. Without his many years of work and devotion, this hut system would not be possible. The seven huts all sit near treeline in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges Colorado has to offer, the Elk Mountains.

porta huts system

The system provides numerous hut-to-hut opportunities and spectacular skiing and ski mountaineering. Because passengers of the planes were from both towns, the hut was designed as a link between the communities of Aspen and Crested Butte. The hut sits just south of Pearl Pass and provides a link to the Braun Hut System for hut-to-hut tours and as a destination for skiers looking to tackle the tall peaks that surrond it.

porta huts system

Permitted by the U. For information on the history of the hut system visit our Hut History Page. Braun Huts and Friends Hut are located in areas of known avalanche terrain with recurring avalanche cycles. Routes are not marked or maintained. For Reservations Call: huts huts. Stay Connected Facebook Twitter Vimeo.These medical shelters enable communities and emergency management to respond rapidly to large-scale disasters and emergencies with mobile hospital facilities and emergency response shelters when and where they are needed.

Our deployable field hospitals and emergency shelters ensure a safe, clean environment where advanced-level health care can be given in any climate for extended periods of time. BLU-MED offers many customized healthcare packages for outfitting each mobile hospital facility or portable emergency shelter with essential medical equipment and supplies, logistics services for arranging shipping and transporting of supplies, equipment, and other goods in response to emergencies and disasters, as well as technical consulting services regarding the design and implementation of mobile hospital, emergency shelters and mobile command centers for use in emergency and disaster response.

El Paso, Texas — Erik All 50 States now have confirmed cases. The U. Surgeon General Dr The University of We are excited to hear from you and learn about your project!

Please send an email inquiry using the form below! E-Mail inforeq blu-med. Follow Us. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.The R. Rigid Tent Systems uses the same simple design concept of insulated panels that slide together to create a highly portable structure. This design combined with an array of amenities makes the R. Read more Welcome to our site! Rigid Tent Systems are durable, insulated, easy-to-assemble and able to withstand extremes.

porta huts system

Air conditioning, heating, and the ability to ship and store flat make the R. Our goal is to produce a line of knockdown shelters that fit your needs. From our Weekender series to our Platinum series, we produce shelters for a season and shelters for a lifetime.

So if you're an outdoors enthusiast that enjoys a weekend in the mountains, or an avid hunter looking for your next base campor a meticulous prepper ensuring your family's survivaltake a look at what we have to offer. We are sure to have a quality, easy-to-use product that will beat your expectations.

Click through to see all the shelter options we have available. Mar 13 The R. Bug Out Shelter. Latest Posts. Latest Comments. Hello Lourn, Thanks for your interest. We will get By admin Hello, please send me pricing for 20 units By Lourn Eidal. So Many Uses! Click here to keep up with new developments from Rigid Tent Systems!

If you need Rigid Tent Systems for disaster relief, please visit. Back to Top.Paltan Bazaar, Dehradun No. Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

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Sector 24, Faridabad Plot No. Faridabad, Haryana. Sulthanpet, Pondicherry R. Pondicherry, Pondicherry. Size Square Feet : 4. Jaipur, Rajasthan. Mahape, Mumbai Shop No. Mumbai, Maharashtra. Singh Pura Chowk, Zirakpur, Dist. Mohali S. Mohali, Punjab. Rohini, New Delhi Shop No. Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Sector 63, Noida, Dist. Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. Mahape, Mumbai Plot No. SectorNoida, Dist. Pune, Maharashtra. Have a requirement? Get Best Price.

porta huts system

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